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I decided to change things up when the Mustang got hit a couple of weeks ago, starting with the vinyl stripes.

I declined to have them restripe the new bumper, and I removed the stripes on 3/4 of the remaining body panels today. I'll start the front bumper in the morning, and that will finish up the last of the stripes. From there I can work on finishing up clear coat corrections from the clusterfuck that was the trunk lid (first panel; only one I did primarily with a solvent).

Halfway done with the first panel

Finished the trunk lid - still have to fix the spots where I scraped the clear coat with a razor blade. It took a combo of razor blade and decal remover spray to get it to this point, and considering that it looks pretty damned good.

Hood finished - the spot on the passenger side is the spot I did with the 3M eraser wheel - I'm genuinely unimpressed. I did the rest of it with a hair dryer and a credit card.

Hood and roof - the hood is the only one I've done so far entirely with the credit card and hair dryer. Of all the work I've done so far, it's also the cleanest, too.

Tomorrow I finish up the front bumper. I've got to decide if I'm going to restripe it or not (that'll likely get decided once I can see how bad the difference in color is in sunlight). If I do then I'll go for a matte black. I'm also thinking about a few other aesthetic things like swapping for a GT hood with the vents, and some less expensive performance things like metal brake lines.

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Very nice work. I am not very versed on body work. But the reflection in that finish is amazing.

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