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For years it seemed I either had the money but couldn’t find one in my price range or found a listing but couldn’t part with the cash. Finally it came together and I picked up this 1964-65 produced gun. S prefix and original “coke bottle” grips to boot. It’s not collector grade but it’s bripro grade for sure!! I can certainly live with a little muzzle polish and scratches since I’ve already shot it and plan to much more. I paid 800 as is, which may be considered a little high since there’s no box or tools but Ive been after one for some time. What do you guys think of that price? The xfer was 35.

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I think that is a pretty good price. Those grips may be worth 400. Nice shooter. Now go out and "make your day!"
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You didn't pay too much. Nice revolver.
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It's gorgeous! I think you bought it right.

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Very Nice......and NO you didn't overpay.

Enjoy Smile
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Great looking gun. I was never a revolver guy although the first gun I bought was a 629 with 8 3/8" barrel. S&W makes a beautiful blued revolver and the more I see them, the more I am wanting one. Maybe it is a good time for a change of mind after seeing some of these gorgeous guns.
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slam fires
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Nice,and no you did not pay too much.
That little ware on the muzzle ain't nothing in my book plus the positive thing is the faint ring line on the cylinder.
I always looked for the blue model, wound up with two 629's and one Nichol 29
All great shooter at 100 yards in my younger years.
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Nice revolver. I’d have paid that without those lovely stocks.
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Sweet ! I would have jumped on it.

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Very nice and that was a great deal!
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I don't think you paid too much. I remember years ago $700 or $800 was the going rate for one in as good condition as that one seems to be.
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Those grips make it easily worth what you paid for it. That isn't a bad price for even one with the later stocks.

Nice gun. Enjoy shooting it.

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Sexy. Well done!
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A friend had one that he used for silhouette shooting back in the late 1970's. He taught me a trick for shooting reeds with it, and at my best I could clip one out to nearly 75 yards.

The inherent accuracy of the N-frames is phenomenal!

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Good find. I had one exactly like that. Beautiful gun. Almost no wear. Very fine turn line. Only flaw it had was it looked like someone had taken a grinder to the bottom edge of the grip frame. I dont know if they started to try a round butt conversion and thought better of it or if it was their “fix” for a bad drop. In any case you barely noticed it with the grips on.

I got it after its original owner passed. It had a five inch full lug barrel on it with the original 6.5 in the box. They got swapped back immediately. Bar none the best trigger ive ever felt. Ever.

I kept it for a couple of years, realized i was barely ever shooting it, and sold it for a little of nothing to my good friend Tim Warren.

After Tim got killed i offered to pay his widow considerably more than the gun was worth to get it back. Sadly it disapeared. I dont know of he sold or traded it of if one if the less scrupulous family members snatched it up. Either way, thats the one gun i truly miss.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Brought back memories. That is a fantastic piece. Enjoy it. They dont make them like that anymore.
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