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Luminox "Recon Team Leader" and Victorinox-Swiss Army "Dive Master Titainium Black Dial". I like these two watches, but just wasn't satisfied with the OEM band/bracelets. Both I replaced with Hook 'n Loop release two piece bands from B&B Bands. I can't overstate how well these are made and comfortable they are!

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I got something interesting today. A whopping $121.00 on the fleabay managed to fetch both the watch and a band that both appropriate the Omega Seamaster’s style quite closely. It supposedly has a Citizen movement. I love the sterile dial that only says “Automatic”. It is every bit as reflective and aesthetically pleasing as my Seiko PADI’s gorgeous blue dial.

Compared to my real Omega Seamaster the fit and finish and over all qualify is no where close. But for a total of only $121.00 I am curious to see how accurate the watch is and how it stacks up to a MUCH more expensive watch. I don’t think the Chinese copy is going to be very water proof. Big Grin

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And now for something completely different.

This has lots of fun tech in it. It gets a radio time signal. You can Bluetooth it to your phone and coordinate it to an internet time signal, as well as control certain functions from the phone. Dual time zones. It is fun to watch the hands whirl around when you reset from time to another time zone to stopwatch, etc.

It won't replace my Explorer, but it is fun.

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Originally posted by ElToro:
Originally posted by JD83:
My wife's fairly new SKX007 Seiko. She wanted a watch in keeping with the trend for larger dials so I got her this 37mm diver(she has really tiny wrists).

The 007 is a 42mm watch. The Skx013 is the 38mm version. Same movement. Nice watch. I’m a big fan of seiko automatics Perfect watch for somebody with smaller wrists who wants to wear a diver.

You are right(and a 42mm watch would look ridiculous on her-and me).

Here are some good write ups on the 007(the Hodinkee article is one reason I bought the Skx013):


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My Son's watch. He bought it as a graduation present to himself.

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