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I recently put up photos of my new Colt Python and the oak box I made for it. I really do appreciate the positive comments I got on that. I have made a few presentation cases along the way
and this was one of the first. It’s just a pine box with cdx plywood top. The heavy straps and slotted screws are in my mind suggestive of an earlier manufacturing era. I haven’t found my prize 1911A1 to keep in it yet but this Auto Ordnance is holding its spot in the meantime. I may have posted these pictures in the replies to my Dirty Harry box so if you have seen them before I do apologize. Thanks for looking, feedback is always appreciated good or bad. Brian.

With correct nsn added later

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Looks good!

However, I'd be hesitant to store it in there for any significant length of time. Foam traps moisture and promotes rust. It'd be a shame to do that to a nice 1911.
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Of course that's how most guns come from the factory an can is it those boxes for years.

Looks great, very cool.

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I like that!

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Brian, that’s a really cool box, May I ask where you found it please.
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Love it! Cool
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Great box....Nice cutting
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I think that’s very cool, nice work!
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Looks authentic. Very cool.
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