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My best friend lives in South Florida and he is rather well off. It's always difficult to buy him a present that he appreciates. I've done it a few times over the years, but what do you get the guy who has everything and can afford anything?

I won this year! He really appreciated what I sent him.

I saw Jeff Quinn post about it and I made the call two weeks before December 25th and bought one and had it shipped directly to my buddy.

He sent me this picture Christmas morning:

It's an Iroquois Deluxe tomahawk. Bobby Tyler is the guy who finishes the Henry rifles and Republic Forge 1911s with genuine case hardening. He also makes various styles of throwing tomahawks and this tomahawk in case hardened and engraved with a hickory handle. My friend says it's quite sharp as well and he loves the engraving. He's making a wood target and wants to practice throwing it and getting it to stick.

I found Bobby a real pleasure to talk to on the phone too.
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You just cost me money, very nice piece. I might end up with more than one at $125.00 ea!!

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Oh, that is nice!!!

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Christmas present for the guy who has everything
I thought this was going to be about hookers and blow.

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