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With the current flying gig, I end up with a wide variety of crew vehicles. Almost new, almost dead, you name it. So far though, this one is one of the sweetest. I was surprised at the amount of road noise though. Let’s see some pics your yours on your adventures. I’ll add some more when I get on a real computer.

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Wow, very nice!
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Our office pool car is a rather tired Expedition EL. Not worth grabbing a photo of...

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I don't have any photos, but I have had a couple of doozies.

Montgomery AL: The avionics shop was working on my GPS, trying to solve a problem where, when I transmitted on certain frequencies, the GPS would take a dump. The front desk at the FBO offered the crew car, an ancient Olds Toronado or Cadillac Eldorado (I can't remember, but it was one of those two). Faded paint, torn vinyl roof, fenders that sort of flapped in the breeze. It did fit right in with the neighborhood in the vicinity of the airport, though, and it looked right at home when I parked it in the Waffle House parking lot.

Columbia SC. An ancient rusty pickup truck. They gave me directions to a local redneck diner. Good eats. On the way out I noticed a table with brochures and announcements for local stuff, including a flyer for the next Klan meeting. Eek

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