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Festina Lente
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We finished a major "removal action" at the former depleted uranium factory Superfund site I manage.

$55 million in demolition and off-site disposal. I'm the "Project Coordinator" - so got to talk about the project to the guy that wrote this:


More on this site here:

some fun and games inside - cleaning out a "pickling area" where they used nitric and hydrofluoric acids to burn the copper jacket off DU penetrators - the copper lubricated the DU billet as it went through a 1,600 ton extrusion press to make 20mm, 40mm and 105mm billets.

imagine wearing these full suits in a 90 degree summer day inside the building... Powered Air Purifying Respirators needed to avoid inhalation of both DU and beryllium particulate. Heat stress monitoring was key.

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That's really cool. It must take a lot of planning and safety monitoring to tear everything down and not harm the workers or nearby area.
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Your company finished up 15 million under budget!!! You must not know how to work those govt deals Wink


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Ball Haulin'
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Ive read the article a few times now and the scope of it all still boggles my mind.

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That must have been quite the project with radio active waste and such. I made several buildings dissappear in the course of my time in the environmental industry. Those were always the more interesting projects.

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