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E tan e epi tas
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I read doctor.

Do the math as far as my penmanship goes.

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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I was taught by the Palmer Method also. As was my mother and Grandmother back into the the time frame of 1905ish. My mother until the day she died at 94 had the most wonderful penmanship; mine is not so good.

I have to take a lot of notes for my interviews that I conduct. I always write in cursive as printing is way to slow to capture the flow of information. People are always interested in what I am writing and some, like me, read fairly well upside down. It is not like there are any secrets about what I am writing, they are just interested.

I have learned that just about everyone under 24 cannot read cursive; they all want to know what I am writing so I find myself repeating verbally what I am reporting (I have found it also helps getting my thoughts together for when I write the formal report).

Hopefully, these idiot educators will come to the realization that cursive and American History are important and will re-institute classes in these subjects.

Lets not even talk about the younger generations inability to tell time from a standard clock.
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0658, we call those "analog clocks" now, I think.

r0gue, good cursive writing is not necessarily slower than other forms of writing, so why would there be more inefficiency and economic devastation?


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I can give you an example where cursive is quicker than printing...
While in biology structure and function class in college I found that the only way to observe what the professor was explaining on the chalk board AND continue writing notes was to write in cursive without looking at my paper. Only glancing down occasionally to make sure I wasn't too far off course.
There was one hell of a lot of info to glean and printing would have been more than just inefficient.
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