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Nice and Thanks for sharing I admire craftsmanship.

I think Psychobastard went from Software Testing to an apprentice Luthier and was happy for once.

There's something about craftsmanship that modern things lack.


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Originally posted by ScreamingCockatoo:
Here's the top.

After intense arguing, I got the image to open. No wonder there was such reluctance. That top is shot. If that was mine I'd give the top to an artsy chick and ask her to paint something nice. Then reassemble the fiddle and hang it on the wall. You'll have a $50 piece of Americana when it is done. Maybe more. Depends on the artist.

You want to start with a top with near zero cracks. Maybe small cracks on either side of the saddle. Possibly either side of the neck heel. Conceivably from an f-hole running up or down.

The back separating from the ribs would not cause the top to come off. Looks like a total glue failure, but the way it is made, usually the top will slightly separate from the ribs in just a few spots. This is normal. One glues these with the weakest glue possible, barely better than "about to fail". The backs usually do not separate as much.

I'd get the top prettied up by Miss or Mrs Cockatoo then assemble it with any glue handy.

When I'm using weights I support the perimeter with wood blocks to get it level, and sometimes blocks on the side being glued, then load it up. Careful that the weight is centered only on the ribs. That's for something you'd be playing. For this art project donor, as long as it sticks together, yer golden. You can also put a little LED light in through the endpin hole for more wall fun.

Don't try to glue both the top and back at the same time.

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I'm working on dumping photofuckit.

Thanks for the Too Pilot.

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sick puppy
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I bought my wife an old violin for $25 at a goodwill type store. More for the look than for function, but I've often wondered if it would be any good sounding if it were fixed up or not.

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Beautiful work.

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