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A mix of NOV & OCT, enjoy:

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Lot of nice looking cars.
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Loving that low black Cadillac. Cool

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^^^You ain't kiddin'. I like the older cars more as the new ones all look alike.
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Partial dichotomy
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Great pics and quite the group of cars, but yes really diggin' that Caddy!

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I wish they were on Sundays so I could go to the San Francisco gathering. Frown

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I used to go to that, lived right down the road off of Chapparral. I once met an old timer there that had a Porsche Carrera GT with like 50k miles on it. Chipped paint on the front end and dirty wheels. I got to talking to him and he told me that he "drove the shit out of it sonny". Also told me that the first scheduled service was 10K! Eek
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