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Now and Zen
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Your recent thread about your Ronin Boba Fett figure made me decide to post this.

I received these for Christmas, from a relative who knows that at my age all presents don't have to be practical. These are from Metal Earth, they start out as two photoetched sheets that you clip the parts from and by folding, bending and inserting tabs into slots the subject matters are assembled. Metal Earth does a wide variety of subjects, I already have the Pan Am Chins Clipper, B-17G and Lunar Rover, and they are a pleasant change from my usual hobby of assembling plastic model aircraft. Each one of these are about three inches in length.

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I really appreciate folks like you with the patience and dexterity to create things like this. Much like Calvin, all my airplane models got hit by "anti-aircraft fire" before completion as a child. And, er, not as a child.

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I had wanted to get in to the Metal Earth series after seeing what my brother had put together. Going through each one to get what would look like the biggest PITA and start from there. Battleships, locomotives, Army Jeeps, Gundams, Transformers...

I found the dragon (ICX023). Yeah, just a bit more involved than the Washington Monument. Was able to get the whole thing together without slicing the you know what out of myself.

My brother said that that he didn't know what was worse, that I built it with the tabs folded up on the inside and not exposed, or that I named her Phyllis. Wink

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My son got a couple of these for gifts and has yet to get one completely assembled. They are not easy to do but pretty neat.
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I just got the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, but haven't put it together yet. I'll post it up when I do.

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