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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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Me and a bunch of my "GA shooters" went up and shot with our friends in Cleveland TN at their annual Lead Mine Shootout at the Ocoee Rangers.

I shot clean (no misses), took first in my category, and won a shotgun. We shot on the same Posse (Squad) with Sigforum's Own BisleyBlackhawk!

Me and Bisley

Rolan Kraps and Limp Along Charlie by Dave Steier, on Flickr

Me winning the raffle for the Stevens 12 gauge.

IMG_0633 by Dave Steier, on Flickr

I didn't take my camera, so these are pictures that everyone else took.

Rolan Kraps
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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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I had a ball Big Grin...looking forward to getting back down your way to shoot in the near future...maybe the "As God is my witness...I thought turkey's could fly" match in November Razz


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Rolan, you definitely look like a happy man posing with your new shotgun!


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Cool. Congrats on the shotgun.
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Partial dichotomy
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Nice! Congrats!

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Good shooting!

Cheers to both of you.

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