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F-22 and the Blue Angels. Never gets old watching those. These photos were from my backyard, Nikon D90 with a 28-105 zoom lens. F-22 does things that no plane should be able to do! The way the wind was blowing you could smell the burnt Jet A-1 in my backyard after they flew past.

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Awesome! Thank you for posting those. Cool

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Fantastic pictures! As super as the Thunderbirds are, the Blue Angels are just that much better! I saw an F-22 fly 2 years ago in a show in MA. Incredible maneuverability!! Thanks!

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Those are great pics. As luck would have it I was traveling through Ft Lauderdale on May 5th. On the North side of the airport i was driving under the runway just as the blue angels were taking off. It was a fantastic sight. Love the sound of freedom!
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