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A few years ago I visited Gateway Auto Museum . It is owned and created by the founder of the Discover Channel and it is his personal collection. The shining star of the show is the Oldsmobile 88. Which doesnt technically exist. It was apparently taken out by the designer one piece at a time and rebuilt somewhere else. Pretty crazy story. Unfortunately I was trying to learn 'photography' at the time so a lot of my shots are me practicing, but man some of these cars are amazing.

Link to the album on flickr

IMG_0684 by redstone71, on Flickr

IMG_0687 by redstone71, on Flickr
IMG_0688 by redstone71, on Flickr
IMG_0709 by redstone71, on Flickr
IMG_0713 by redstone71, on Flickr
IMG_0674 by redstone71, on Flickr

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Absolute beautiful auto collection. Vehicles as these will never come again.
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Excellent pics of some true classics!

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Beautiful lines.
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