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Originally posted by PHPaul:
Originally posted by slabsides45:

Ah, the little known "Nuthead" series, squeezed in between the flathead and panhead era. It was, I believe, about a 3 day stint....

I bent up a set of pipes for it the other day. "Loud Pipes Save Lives!" Razz
O, Good! It really needed some straight pipes!


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Originally posted by .38supersig:
Looks like you are having fun with it.

Made an engine out of wire. Later I tried a truck, but only if I could out do the engine. Decided to do an airplane, but only if I could out do the truck. It took an amazing amount of wire to fold and bend into this:

Worked out the geometry where the tail wheel controls the landing gear retracting to and from the wings. Flaps are linked. Cantilever rods and lever geometry take a bit of trial and error. Don't think I can out do this one.

Whoa! Now THAT is cool! I may have to try my hand at that next Winter.

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Thanks man. That 750 of yours is awesome!

It took an insane amount of wire. Had to figure out the radius of each fulcrum and cantilever. I had hoped to have the canopy open when the wheels were down, but it took about a month to get as far as I did. By then, I was glad to get it over with. As a reference of scale, the cap for the cowl is from a Dr. Pepper bottle. Made it so if any additional adjustments were needed I can unscrew the cap and take the top half off. Made sure not to look at planes so I wouldn't try to change things as I went. First I thought about covering it with tape or something, then realized it just wouldn't do justice to all the swear words it took to put this together. Plus all the times I made engine noises 'flying' this thing as it neared completion. Big Grin Sorry about the jumbo pics...

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