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I am a retired U.S. Marine (July 62 - Sep 84). Haven't worked a day since Dec. of 2002. Had not fired a weapon of any kind since I retired until about four months ago. Joined local gun club and try to shoot at least twice a month. Currently have a P365XL w/Romeo Zero and P365sas. Both have an ArmaLaser TR27G laser attached to the weapon. Really enjoy shooting again. Very relaxing for me. Life is good Semper Fi.

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First... Thank you for your service. It’s you and those like you that protect everything good in our lives and country.

Second... absolutely LOVE the Texas Hill Country. You picked a beautiful town to retire to.


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Welcome from a fellow Texan! I'm just up the way near Waco.

I've got two 365XL and I'll wait for the Holosun to get wrung out or the new Trij sight.

Enjoy your time here...
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Welcome, and Thanks for your service!
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Welcome to the forum!

I hope to have a P365 someday, but got distracted by a P226. Wink

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Just spent a couple of weeks in San Antonio.
Unfortunately it was because my son was in the hospital, but we’re home now.

Two things struck me in my visit:
1. People were friendlier than in California
2. Almost no one had a Texas accent (until I got out to Boerne).

Make that three things:
3. Hot as blazes. But could cool off with a thunderstorm.

“We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did.”--Thomas Sowell
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Husband, Father, Aggie,
all around good guy!
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Howdy from Tomball!

Glad you joined.

Good to see you joining the shooting sports.

If not already you need to be a TSRA member. The TSRA fights for you in Austin.

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Semper Fi brother. both myself and wife wore a different uniform than you but would have jumped in the same foxhole and chewed the same dirt. August 1968 spent about 2 weeks at FT. Sam Houston hospital pending medical discharge even before attending basic training. Got a honorable discharge 9 1/2rys later. ................................. drill sgt.
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