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Hello everyone. New to Florida, kind of. But just got my concealed carry license last week and I started considering a new firearm to purchase. I've had two firearms for a long time. A German made P226 in 9mm... the original mercedes-benz of 9mm =) as I like to call it. The P226 was a gift from a friend. My first gun was a Glock 30 in .45 cal. I lived in NJ and bought the .45 Glock for "home" defense as something I could carry around the job site (home developer/construction). NJ doesn't allow carry at all so never had to consider a good ccw piece. But now I find myself in the good ol' sunshine state and wearing larger clothes with more layers is out. So I find myself looking for a good ccw piece. AND I'm considering selling my P226 to partially fund the new piece. Why am I selling the Sig? I am not a collector. I buy my firearms for functionality and purpose. As much as I fully respect and admire the German P226, I simply don't shoot it, ever. And for the home, I just love my Glock 30.

So I went to the local gun store last weekend to look at some options and immediately fell in love with the size of the Glock 43. I thought that was it. I trust Glock. I loved the size. Glock never necessarily won me over with looks but I'm going for reliability.

But then I walk over to Sig just to take a peak. OH. BOY. Something caught my eye... the P938.

I've been in love ever since. Size. 7+1 of 9mm in one of the smallest packages you can buy, yet fits my large hands like a glove. Extreme model offers pinky base plate on the mag... LOVE IT. Picking one up Monday evening and taking it straight to the range to put around 300-500 rounds through her.

I know selling a German made p226 is like a mortal sin around here lol but I haven't been fair to her. She's mostly sat in it's case in my closet for well over 10 years, yearning for someone to use and abuse her, wine and dine her, speak sweet nothings into her ear lol.

So what is everyone's thoughts on the P938?

And best way to sell a firearm here in Florida? Not looking to make money or anything at all. Want a fair price and to sell her to someone who will actually appreciate and love her =)

Thanks everyone and hello again!
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Don't feel too bad about selling the P226. At one time I bought and sold about five guns to trade in to a P220. If the P938 is what fits you best, all the better.

Having a P238 HD myself, they are neat concealable Sigs that should serve you well for many years.

Welcome to the forum from Georgia.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome aboard from 'Bama!

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