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Hi Guys,

I am from South Africa and finally got my firearm license.

Since I was young firearms of all kinds interested me, and then when I turned 21, I was able to apply for a license to posses a firearm. The process in South Africa is quite a thing.

But when I was looking at some pistols to purchase for my first firearm, I knew I wanted a Sig P226, the newer models in South Africa cost quite a premium, R25 000 - R30 000 ($1700-$2000)

So I started searching the used market for a used or older model. And I found quite a gem if you are into the older West German P226s.

Found a '83 Proofed P226, with serial U100 5xx. And in quite good nick for its age, looks like it was maybe a safe queen that has slight holster wear near the front edges of the slide. I fiddled with it just to check that the springs still had tension and that everything functioned as it should. And I took the jump and bought it, and due to some red tape delays it took almost a year before I could take it home with me.

And most South Africans are more into Glocks and CZ just due to support and part/accessory availability. So I thought I would join the Sig Forum to just get more information and see other interesting Sig products from people who enjoy the brand.

Some pictures of it for those interested:

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Welcome to the Forum! Congrats on the P226!
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Fine looking pistol you have! You joined the correct forum for damn near everything that needs answering. Welcome aboard!
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Welcome aboard! I recently had the opportunity to meet a couple young men from South Africa working for a few months here in the U.S. and really enjoyed talking with them. We mostly talked about hunting and guns and how it worked in our respective countries.

You've got a very early JD there...very nice find! I have a JE that is just a tad newer than your own. Is that a mud rail gun? - I'm guessing not and that it is from the pre-mud rail era.
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Welcome to the forum. Last month we took a tour of South Africa, spent several days n Capetown, Kruger Park, and Johannesburg, we had a great time.

Weather was fine, it's your "winter." Not sure I'd enjoy visiting in the summertime.
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Wait, what?
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Welcome, and congrats on arguably one of the finest all around combat pistols ever made.

"Live every day as if it's going to be your last, and one day, you'll be right.”
Malachy McCourt
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome to the forum.
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