SavannahMan sayin hello

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July 24, 2020, 02:33 PM
SavannahMan sayin hello
I’m recently retired, enjoying Georgia’s three seasons of great and Summers of hot and muggy. My carry is a Shield 9 with TLR6, and my nightstand go-to is
a p320 RX Compact with x-grip compact frame. Based on today’s crazy world, being better prepared To defend myself has become a high priority. I’ve been considering selling the compact, which has always felt a little too bulky a grip, and replacing it with a P365 Xl. That raises the question of adding the Romeozero or not, since I’ve apparently not practiced with the Compact red dot sufficiently to make me as fast with it as the Shield. Being retired though, with every day now being a Saturday, I should have plenty of time to practice to overcome my ageing vision. The Forum seems to be blessed with interesting members with a wide variety of handguns and experiences. I’m looking forward to becoming part of it.
July 24, 2020, 04:38 PM
Welcome to SIGforum!

Niech Zyje P-220

July 24, 2020, 06:15 PM
Welcome to the forum! I have only been here a short while but YUP... sho-u-rite. I have been helped, offered my opinion and have found everyone very accommodating.

July 24, 2020, 06:36 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum from up North.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
July 25, 2020, 06:09 AM
July 25, 2020, 07:37 PM
Welcome to the Forum from out here in Effingham county.

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