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Getting ready to buy my first Sig and have a couple of questions. First, I am looking at the 226 Legion and have noticed lots of negative stuff about the PVD finish. Has that issue been resolved by Sig Yet? Second, I am also looking at the 226 Extreme and see they only come with 10 round mags. I know, for California folks but do any of them come with 15 round mags for us regular folks? Thanks Jerry
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Welcome aboard. I can't answer your questions, as I am not a 226 guy, but there are folk here who will know. I would suggest putting a thread in the Pistols subforum with your questions as it will be seen by more interested parties.

As for the welcome, I am in Lake county, between Clermont and Groveland.

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Probably have to get the mags separately. Haven't shopped for a new Sig in years.

Welcome to the forum from Georgia.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome to the forum!! From New Smyrna Beach

Shawn Rife
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Welcome from NW Indiana---There are alot of in-the-know Sigites that should be able to help with your questions
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Welcome aboard. Post your questions on the SIG pistols subforum and you'll get plenty of replies.
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