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Howdy Y'all!

No, I don't really talk like that...
Well, I have been a Sig fan for around 6 years. It started when my Dad showed me his German P228. I don't even think it was broken in. Maybe it had 1-200 rounds through it. He offered it to me under the condition I got some training and my CCW.

Well, got my CCW and the gun. As a nube to the CCW, I found the P228 was a bit much to EDC so I decided to carry something easier to carry. My solution was a S&W Bodyguard 380.

Soon I realized the error of my ways. Not that the 380 is inherently bad. It was just that I hated training with it. And as an inexperienced shooter, it is/was a lot to handle. For me, it was like trying to light a firecracker in your hand. It was impossible not to flinch when I was shooting it.

So, I decided to get another Sig – the P938 Extreme. Although I went up in caliber the recoil was much more manageable. I found my new preferred EDC. On trips into risky areas (i.e. Miami) I would carry the P228 w/18 round mag, otherwise it was mostly the P938.

After more experience, I found that the Bodyguard 380 was not so bad after all. On days wearing shorts & T-Shirt or when I needed to be very discreet and wanted deep concealment I would take the BG.

I also got a S&W 66-4 357 as a hand me down. It's super clean and tight as any brand new one. Thought my wife may want for her nightstand but even shooting 38's she was intimidated by it. She now has the Ruger Mark II Target model that she's comfortable with. I know, some would say a .22 is not a HD round, but you will have to admit that it is better than nothing and she does have 11 rounds that she can put on target to stop the threat.

I also got about a 50-yr. old Remington bolt action .22 rifle that is a lot of fun for plinking and teaching. Next up was the Sig P226R Extreme (my bedside weapon of choice, with a TLR-1HL 800 lumen light). The last one (until just recently) was a S&W M&P Sport II. Came with a scope and Sling for $549 – at that price, how could I say no. Especially, when it looked like Hillary was about to win the election.

My current purchase was the Sig P365. I saw the reviews at the Shot show and had to have one. I knew if I wanted to stay in the home with the wife, I'd have to part with one from my growing collection. I quickly found a home for the P938 ($700 - included the .22 conversion kit and some holsters). Then the wait.
And Wait. And wait.
I screwed up. I totally regret selling the 938. The P365 was nowhere to be found. I pre-ordered the gun at an online seller and waited. I wondered, how could I be so stupid to sell one gun before I had the replacement in my hand and thoroughly vetted for reliability?

So here I am. Finally got what appears to be EDC all time champ. Took it the range and fired around 275 rounds. 115 & 124 gr FMJ, Sig defensive HP’s and some other assorted rounds I had to try. BTW the gun was flawless! Not one failure. The gun went bang on every pull and always locked the slide back on the last round.

Going forward, I've previously done a couple of competitive events with my P226 at a local club - The Volusia County gun & Hunt Club. Awesome place, just wished they had better drainage for the rainy days. Wondering about using the P365 for IDPA events or other club events - any thoughts? The only thing I don't like about that platform for competition is the mag release. It is not as easy to release as with my other Sigs. I think however, with training, I will be fine.

S&W Bodyguard
S&W 357 Revolver
S&W M&P Sport II
Sig P365
Sig P228
Sig P226 Extreme
Ruger Mark II
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Welcome from Ohio.

I lived in Fla a few times as a kid.

Nice collection of pistols.
Son has a 228 and loves it.
I have a few Sigs as well as other brands.

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I Am The Walrus
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I'm in Orlando. We have quite a number of Orlando area members here. I'm sure they will be showing up shortly.

Welcome to the forum. This is an awesome place.


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Now all you need is a 10mm P220. Big Grin

Welcome to the forum from Georgia.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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welcome, from SW Fl.
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Welcome from the Clermont / Groveland area.

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Welcome from Wisconsin
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Welcome to the forum!! From New Smyrna Beach

Shawn Rife
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