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Hello from Illinois. Has anyone on here had any experience with the LaserMax LMS-2201 guide rod laser? It’s for the full size P220. I just got a P220 Scorpion and bought a LaserMax guide rod for it. The first one they sent me worked for about 5 or 6 on/off cycles and then quit on me. They sent me a new one and it worked fine until I got it to the range, then it quit after the first shot. Now it only works intermittently, and infrequently at that. I followed installation instructions to the letter both times, so I’m starting to think that the .45 may be too much for it. I’m trying to figure out whether I should get a replacement or cut my aggravation and get my money back. It’s not like I bought it off Amazon for 35 bucks; I paid almost to 250 for it. Anyway, the Scorpion is beautifully, deadly accurate.
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I've had one of the Glock ones in my 22 and 31 with no issues. All the parts for your SIG are installed? Take out all their parts and inspect them and make sure the springs are good.
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Everything seems like it should be. I’ll give the spring on the battery cap some attention. If that’s not it, I’m sending it back for a new one. Thanks for the reply.
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That is a sweet P220. The Lasermax is designed for the newer .45 ACP P220 only. I have some other P220s that are 9mm and it took some time to get it to work in the earlier versions. Wouldn't try it on a 10mm.

Does it have the multi-pack of batteries in the plastic sleeve? Sometimes the heat shrink process will shrink enough to allow separation between the batteries (this is exceedingly rare). You can also try turning it on with a wire from the muzzle end contacting the battery cap itself (see how long it stays on). Other than the batteries themselves, I can't think of any other reason that would have it operate this way. Batteries, while not under a constant load, will regenerate a small amount of voltage and this will allow for a few seconds of use after they have 'died' before. Lithium batteries will do this more times than most (this can be better explained on a molecular level, but it is beyond the scope of this discussion). $12 for some real batteries may be a bit much, but it would let you know if the unit is actually defective and allow you to return it before the refund window runs out.

If I remember correctly, the Lasermax I have for my 1911 has the same batteries as the one for the P220. They make a similar battery, but one was close to 1.2 volts and the other was around 1.5 or so. Check with the manual for the correct number if you are going to try this as they are almost identical in size. 392 or 393? Depending on when yours was made.

Sorry for the long winded response, let us know what you ultimately decide.

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