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I decided to give my P226 BSS in .40 (with a .357 sig barrel) a mid life upgrade a few months back and added a Gray Guns ELS Hyrbid, SRT Kit, SA Super Strut, and Xray 3 sights and figured it was about time I made an account as a card carrying member of the Sig Family and share some of my experiences as I put the new parts in.

Additionally decided to build up a 9mm slide from a sig parts kit to add to the multi caliber collection.

Current parts on order:
1. Sprinco P226 Recoil Management System (Because why not, I put a SA super strut in to find out it didn't do much didn't I?) Maybe it will improve the life of my recoil spring.
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I recently aquired a(nother) P226 and started shopping for aluminum grips and extra magazines. Mine was chambered in 357 Sig already, so I had extra money for the mag floor plates and solid guide rod.

Welcome to the forum!

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome to the forum, from Southern Arizona.

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Welcome from the Bay Area

Get your guns b4 the Dems take them away
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And welcome from San Diego. What part of Crazifornia are you in?

“We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did.”--Thomas Sowell
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Welcome from the State Capitol

No, Daoism isn't a religion

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