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I just realized that my only contribution to the forum has to been to ask for help and advise. That hardly makes me a welcomed guest, much less a member. I guess its time to share a little.
I first found this site as I was looking for information on concealed carry. As an Illinois resident, working, and spending most of my waking hours in Missouri, the prospect of legally crossing State Line with a pistol was somewhat daunting. This site, as well as others, helped me to sort through the chaotic, and (I believe) intentionally confusing requirements.
What I quickly learned is that this site has no equals. In terms of the traffic, the knowledge of the participants, and the willingness to offer advise, on damn near any topic. What also makes this site stand out, is the civility of discussion. That's not to say that feathers don't get ruffled, but when they do, folks act like adults and recognize and except the difference of opinion for what it is, or moderators step in, knuckles get smacked egos get checked, and the Earth continues to spin round the Sun. It is refreshing. So refreshing, in fact, that I visit here not for gun knowledge, or the sales, or any of the multitude of other aspects that this forum has to offer, but for the Lounge. There is such a wealth of information in the Lounge, that it should be required reading. period.
I got side tracked. I was going to tell you something about myself. I guess in a way by telling you why I'm here, maybe I have. but here is a little more: 49 years old. I have been in my chosen field, (grounds maintenance and tree care) since I was 19. I married my current, and only Wife at that same age of 19 (ain't no quitter), and she still puts up with my crap today!
I would like to be better than I am I'm just not sure I'm worth the effort.
I became the smartest man I know, when I realized, how little I actually know. There is a huge difference in having 30 years experience in a field, and repeating one years experience thirty times.
As to why I lurk, and don't contribute. Again the wealth of knowledge found here. I'll read first OP and first few posts and be thinking, "I got this", the next post will be so on point. "Damn, so that's how it works. I had no idea.."
Boom! From teacher wanna be to student again. And I'm not much for "me too"(s).
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That's just the
Flomax talking
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I hope you are a Cardinals fan too.
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Nice intro! Welcome from South Carolina.
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Well, what contributing to the forum actually means, is probably up to each individual who reads a post, so do not judge yourself as to whether it contributes or does not.

I rarely start a thread, but I do post on some, if I think I have something to add, even if it is a different point of view, than most posting.

Heck, lots of times I have nothing to add, but when I do, maybe it is not considered a plus, I do not know how others feel?

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Glad to have you here. This to the best forum with some of the best and knowledgeable in the gun community. I'm just glad to be a member.
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Welcome to the forum.

I too have learned a great deal here. Stuff I didn't know. Things that I hadn't seen before. Sigs that I didn't know I needed to buy until saw one here...

During my time here, I've converted Glocks to .38 Super, chased down one of the first 10mm P220s made, and while I wasn't doing that, I'd get bored and rebuild an automatic transmission. Big Grin

This is the best forum on the internet and we are glad to have you here.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome Louie! I don't get over here too much but today I did, so I guess I'll be seeing you around..

Regards, Will G.
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Welcome neighbor. I'm probably passing you on the highway as I live in Missouri and work in Illinois. I feel ya on interstate gun carry, especially into your state.
This is one cool site.
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Welcome from a former sho me resident now living in NC.
Cards fan forever.
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