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Hi there,

I am glad to join the forum.

Well, I think you have a great knowledge and experience with Sig guns, I need to get your opinion on Sig P320 Target?
Is it possible to buy it in the US? What is the price? etc etc
probabli in Europe it will be available in 2017 not earlier.... Frown

I do appreciate your comments,

Best Regards,

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Hey Chris,

I haven't heard anything about a P320 Target locally (Southeastern U.S.). Sometimes they limit certain guns to local areas because of production limits or the laws of the land where the item is being sold. That makes an interested few purchase them and have them imported. I can't recall the marketing of Sigs use the 'Target' name for anything. Keep us updated as I'd like to know more.
Welcome to the forum from Georgia.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Welcome to SIGforum from another Polish member. Family came over in the late 1800's.

Sorry I cannot be of help with the Sig P320 target.

Niech Zyje P-220

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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chillin out
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Hello from North Georgia! All 4 grandparents came from Poland.

I practice Shinrin-yoku
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Greetings from the Granite State (NH-USA). Welcome Aboard!


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Welcome to the forum from Arkansas

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Welcome to the forum from Michigan.

Are firearms readily available in Poland?

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Welcome from another immigrant from Poland.

I also love Luksusowa vodka!

Rolan Kraps
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I spoke to Sig about two months ago, I was told the target P320 will be available in October. So, I expect within a month or perhaps two they will be shipping.

I did not ask about price, but as the all stainless X5's were about $500 more than a regular P226, I suspect the target model will be about $200- or so $250 more than the regular P320.

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