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Neither are effective as JHP for defensive purposes, so how more effective is FMJ vs plated lead? Is FMJ worth 20% more for bullets? Mostly plinking/target/training but for worst case multi year shortage what should be a priority if JHP is not available?

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I can not imagine that FMJ is superior to plated as far as wound damage goes. In my reloading, my bullets are mostly plated, followed by a few FMJ(7.65P, etc.), and lastly, lead(38-40, 44-40).

I feel sure that ANY of the above will do a satisfactory job on a bad guy, if I do my part.
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Uppity Helot
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I think non expanding plated and non expanding fmj are probably about equal in wounding power.

Some other things to consider:

In a pistol some barrels MAY not be as accurate with plated bullets as they would
be with a fmj bullet. Such a preference if it exists at all is probably hard to tell at most defense pistol shooting distances though.

In a 9mm carbine the plating may not handle the increased velocity gained by the longer barrel. I have loaded 115gr. Berry plated for my 9mm 1911’s, BHP and Glocks that function and group fine n them but will definitely exceed the recommended velocity threshold in a carbine. I have reserved 115gr. Hornady FMJ for any round that may see use in my carbine for that reason.
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I would load either, whatever a good price for bulk you may find. I’ve loaded a lot of ‘plated lead’. Most are for casual range or plinking outings.

If it came to a ‘defensive’ scenario, I’d use what I had. I’ve never seen it written anywhere that one can’t use a FMJ or plated bullet for defensive use. As a rule, penetration is better than an expanding bullet, that’s good.

They are costly, I’ve loaded some Lehigh Defense copper bullets recently, mostly 380. At the lighter weights they have speed, penetrate well. They have been in stock mostly.
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Loaded plenty of plated for 9,10,45 pistol. Used to be less money than jacketed.
For target , competitions.
Use factory hollow points jacketed for carry.
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I've loaded Extreme double plated bullets and shot them at 1610 fps out of my .357 1892 Short Rifle. I've also run a nearly countless number of 45ACP and 40 caliber downrange without any issues at all.

I've stopped counting.
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I Deal In Lead
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I use plated for everything in handguns but SD use and so does everyone I know who reloads.

They work just fine and unless you're into precision long range handgunning I can't see paying more for jacketed.

Now for hunting with handguns, go for the premium jacketed bullets, solid or HP depending on what you're hunting.
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Montana Gold Bullet offers cases (or less) of JHP usually 5 days a week. Around 9 to 10 cents per bullet. Timing’s critical as you have about 5 or 10 minutes between the “in stock” website message and the time they sell out for that day. I picked up a case of 9mm 124gr JHPs a couple weeks ago there. Just fyi.
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