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I ve had a Hornady LNL AP for about 5years I had set it up to load 357 Sig, hadnt seen much use lately and I have been shooting a lot of 9mm and with the scarcity of ammo and I pretty much have Bullets and primers to load a few thousand so i am gearing up for 9mm.I sorted through my range brass at my home and I have Speer , S&B , PMC ,WIN , Blazer and some Win nato brass that has crimped primers. So I am thinking of loading the S&B and would like to come up with a load that fills the shell up so I can visually see it has powder in it. I was using CFE Pistol in the 357Sig loads but was having difficulties seeing if the powder had dropped.Local reloading place has Shooters world Pistol that they said they can usually have in stock and they thought it would fill my case better on the 9mm so maybe I can avoid loading Squibs!
Does anyone have any pet 9mm range loads they would like to share? Is this SW Pistol worth loading? Or should I purchase some more CFE pistol?
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I use 4 grains of Bullseye and it's almost a compressed load, so it's easy to see.

I'd use all the brass you have except for the crimped stuff. 9MM is easy to get and free most of the time so just toss the crimped stuff unless brass is scarce for you.

No experience with Shooters World Powders.
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My common plinking/range & casual 9mm loads are with 115 grain plated RN bullets. I have a few makes, recently got another 500 from Extreme Bullets.

I normally use Titegroup powder with lighter bullets, yes a little goes a long way. My other common powders are Win-231 & Universal, a bit slower.

I normally charge cases as a stand-alone step with a powder drop, so that 4.3 or so charge of powder isn’t hard to keep accurate.

If I go to 124 grain or heavier bullets I normally use H Universal powder. Especially with casual loads, less than top charges, I don’t sort any brass. Any primer crimps need to be dealt with of course.
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3 to 6 grains of almost any powder in a 9mm case should be easy to see prior to bullet placement if you have some sort of light shining on the case. I put one of those small led strips (universal press light, I think it was called) underneath the top section and it does a good job illuminating the filled case.
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I tried reloading 9mm once, years ago, and it was just a mess. Don't recall which powder I used, but it was so fine that it got everywhere in my Dillon 450. Between that and the relative cheapness of commercial range ammo, I never did it again. In fact about three years ago I gave my 9mm die set to a friend who was just getting started reloading.

Then of course came the China virus and everything changed. I still have several cases of 9mm range ammo that I haven't tapped into yet, but the desire to load my own returned. It took me some time to find a new set of dies, and bullets have long lead times. I had 1500 124 and 147gr bullets show up on my doorstep a couple days ago, and Midway came up with a set of dies a week before that. I'm good on primers and have a couple pounds of TiteGroup and an 8lb jug of HP-38, some other miscellaneous pistol powders, and several hundred range pickup cases. I kept the Dillon 9mm caliber conversion when I gave away my old dies (my friend got a good deal on a gently used 650 which uses a different conversion kit). So I'm now ready to start loading 9mm.

Now if I could just find some .45-70 brass for the Winchester 1886 I bought last week. Bullets are on order for it, but no idea when they'll ship.
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I got a KMS light set up for my Dillon and it makes seeing the powder a lot easier. I am loading almost 5 grains of a ball powder and it is easy to see.

I am loading jacketed bullets from Precision Delta and mixed brass.
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Good light is key. I use CFE-P for 9mm with 124, 135, and 147gr Bullets. It’s a good powder for that and flows well in the Dillon powder measure.

With the LED light upgrade it’s easy to see the powder in the case.

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I'm using a locally made hard cast round nose 125 grain bullet for range ammo in all of our 9mm handguns.
The recommended starting charge weight of Hodgdon CFE pistol powder works good also. (easily makes minor power factor for USPSA)
I can use small pistol primers, small pistol magnum primers, or small rifle primers all interchangeably without any load development or chrono usage.
The powder charge column height is easily visible with good lighting when reloading on my progressive reloading machine.
I should have starting loading 9mm range ammo years ago.
See what I did for reloading press illumination here:

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I use aa 7 and you can see it fine, if you had a dillion with a powder check it would be another safe guard. not sure if lnl offers that.
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I've tried a number of 9mm plinking loads, and finally settled on HS6 (5.1gr, IIRC...don't quote me on that, though) under a 135GR powdercoated cast bullet. It meters consistently in my Hornady powder measure on my LNL progressive, and fills the case to the point where a double-charge is impossible, yet not so full that powder sloshes out when the shellplate indexes. I get a good clean and complete powder burn and consistent results over my chronograph. Couldn't ask for more.
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I'm loading these

With 5.6 gr. of unique, Fed SPP - 1.12 OAL Mostly because I lots of it, but it works very good.

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I loaded 500 rds of 9mm yesterday, I used 6.6 grns of SW Major Pistol on Remington 6.5 SRP that I inherited from my late father guessing they are 40 yrs old at least.124grn Berrys I already had so far they go bang and shot fine through my VP9.
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My go-to 9mm training range practice load is Sierra TMJ 115s, medium crimped at 1.160, or pretty much any FMJ 115 over any small pistol primer and 5.6-5.8 grains of Unique. Consistent 1020-1200 fps velocities out of one of my M17s or P226s, and a little slower out of the subcompacts but with just the right amount of recoil, minus the pressure spikes, to have a good PD load feel to them ... and accurate enough to ding steel all day long.

I was lucky/prepared enough to have 1000s of SPPs stored-up when the shortage hit and more than enough Unique and range brass ... but surprisingly I have scored 10k (2k+3k+1k+2k+1k+1k) new 115 pills over the course of the past year via Midway mainly but a few other places as well. Enough to keep my Son and myself doing 50 round drills once or twice a month with leftovers to spare.

My recipe works provided you have all necessary ingredients ... and don't go crazy with the crimp. I taper crimp. You'll get too much pressure spike with a heavy roll crimp fwiw and why run a 115 TMJ or FMJ into the high 1200s or low 1300s for training? Go easy on the crimp. Also, you can go 6.2 grns on the Unique but why would anyone want-to?

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