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I have a 30-30 that needs some fun “cheap” plinkers. I have some old Sierra 100gr “plinkers” , 110gr RN 30 carbine projectiles and some 130gr LRN’s to load. Powders I’m going to be using are good ole Trail Boss, Leverevolution and Shooters World Blackout.

Anybody have and of their recipe’s they want to share on the subject? I’ll update this as I get stuff loaded and such.


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I think some depends on how low you want to go in the ‘plinking’ category. Right now some depends on what powder you have on hand.

A few starters are lower charges(within listed data ranges) of the faster rifle powders, 4895 & faster, 4198 & so forth.

To take it down more there will be data for Unique & then slower ‘handgun’ powders. As you mentioned, ‘Trail Boss’ would work. I have taken the 223 down matched to the 22 Hornet with Alliant 2400.

With older manuals they often listed reduced charges right from the powder companies with some of the slower handgun powders, less common in new data manuals. As long as one pays attention, not a big risk with the extra space in the rifle case.

If one pokes around, some of the older manuals are available on the web for download.

I have some of those same bullet types, 30 cal, 110 grain for my 30 Carbine. I’m trying to use up some older IMR-4227 powder. I haven’t loaded for the 30-30 though.
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