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^^Ummm, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? I had to wait about 30 seconds for that big-ass avatar to load before I could read the thread. Very distracting from the topic.

There’s no need to post using an avatar that large.

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10 years using a Lee load master loading 9mm 45acp, 223 & 38spl/357. I talked to a 40+ year reloader when I went to buy a press. He said that he owned every make and everyone had a weak spot. He was right!

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Loaded plenty 9mm and 357 on a Lee Loadmaster. Only problem I ever had was with the primer feeder.
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I use lee hand presses for everything, and a hand primer, with a separate powder measure. I use several hand presses so I don't end up swapping dies around much until I do a caliber change.

Fine for relatively small batches. A couple of years ago I did four thousand rounds getting ready for a course, and that was a pain.

Powder charges are extremely consistent, though. I do everything by hand on a loading block, weigh every 10th round and any that look off, and wind up with very accurate charge weights. Every round gets checked with calipers. Every primer hold and pocket gets direct attention, as does each case. It's slow and takes time and labor, but the rounds are consistent. I have a lee factory crimp for the finished product.
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I replaced my primer feeder with the updated one and it works great.
I've never had a problem with large primers though.

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