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Originally posted by vulrath:
Even though it's only some brass that is doing it? Like, it's not even half of the majority. I've put 50 rounds down the tube and I'd say 6 have done it. I'll replace all the brass, but the common ground so far is one (of 4 total) headstamp. (For the record, I'm dealing with a Remington 700.)

I've got some new Hornady stashed away that I'll start using instead, and scrap the rest.

I've been using RCBS AR series SB dies. I've got a Redding SB bushing die to replace the sizer (FL, of course), but the bushings I ordered are still in USPS purgartory.

If it's only some of the brass that does this, it makes even more sense that this is the issue. The reason for that is you stated your load was on the low end. This means it would require multiple loadings for the head to expand just enough to become a drag in a tight chamber.

In my case, it only took a few firings because my load was stout and I went from a NATO chamber to a tight match chamber.

If you can cull out the ones that drag, you should be able to continue using the rest of your brass.
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