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Hi, I'm new to reloading and getting ready to load 9mm for the first time. I purchased hs-6 powder a long time ago when there was a powder shortage because it was all I could find. The only 9mm recipe I can find for hs-6 powder calls for cci 500 small pistol primers. I have Winchester small pistol primers. Does it matter? They're both small pistol primers.
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Short answer yes you can use CCI or Win SPP interchangeably, use caution and work up the load due to the new component being used.
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Generally primer BRAND doesn't matter. If I worked a load up to absolute max & was switching primers, I would back that load off 5% & work it back up using a chronograph. Everything matters with max loads.

NRA Instruc: Basic Pistol & Met Reloading
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As above, load them up and enjoy!! Start your load at min load of powder, and work your loads up. You will most likely find a load that you, and your handgun likes before reaching max loading.
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HS6 is one of my favorite powders for 9mm, I load 6.3 grans with 124 grain bullets,

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My son and I like HS-6 a lot for 9mm loads. It meters well and fills the case better than some other powders.
6.6 grains with a 115 grain FMJ or JHP, 1.125 in. o.a.l. We both have used different primers, depending on what was available. Usually CCI or Winchester. I could not tell a difference.
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Thank you for the replies. My question has been answered. Sorry for the late response by me. I was out of town for a couple weeks.
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