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I have my home for sale and when it sells I can't carry my reloading equipment/supplies to where we are moving. I am inventorying and pricing now and will put up all of my reloading equipment and supplies for sale as a package when the house sells. I plan to sell it all at once; cash & carry.

I need some help pricing the primers:
Win WSP (small pistol) 3600
CCI #200 (large rifle) 950
CCI #400 (small rifle) 2600
shotgun 7000
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Pre panic pricing was in the ball park of $30-32 per 1000...regardless of primer size....

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Yep, my local store had the WSP on the shelf for $29.99, I think, and the CCI SR primers for like $34. That was pre-panic.


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In current times $40 per 1k of spp isn’t gouging. Small rifle also not easy to find. With a package deal maybe average down a bit for quick, local sale.

Some of those prices you see on Gunbroker are almost a joke.

If you weren’t in ‘hurricane central’ I may scrape some $$ together.

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In late Oct I paid $37 for 1k of Federal 209 primers (the only ones they had in stock).
Last time I was in there about a week ago they were out of all primers and had long ago instituted a 2-box limit (small box, not brick).
Even Grice Gun Shop East of us was out the last time I checked.
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^^^ Yeah, I wish the OP had some Win W209 shotgun primers for sale. I'd buy them.

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