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I am confused as to why you don't lube the inside of your case necks. I also recommend that you use a better lube. I use Imperial Sizing Wax or Case Honey. Never had a problem when using this method.
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The rifle I shoot most at this time is a LaRue PredatOBR 7.62. It has LaRue's proprietary Xtraxn (ex-traction) chamber treatment which is a relatively shallow spiral cut or relief in the chamber. You can feel the relief on the fired case. In my experience the first reload is okay--not significantly different from a normal reload but subsequent reloads cause the sizing die to ratchet or chatter as the ram is raised into the sizing die and requires tremendous force. This is with the expander ball removed! Extraction from the die also requires significant force--enough to make you wonder if concentricity is being impacted and if the case head is being weakened. I have tried this with two different RCBS FL dies (not small base) and a Dillon resizing die with no difference in the experience.

In researching this response I tried a few searches like Xtraxn and (sizing or resizing or reloading) and found numerous issues just like mine. I recently switched to new brass, Lapua, and am having the same issue--unfortunate and expensive. There is a lot of good advice in this thread and I have learned (changed behavior) as a result of it. but the root problem, I believe, is that the LaRue Xtraxn chamber makes resizing much more difficult and maybe ill-advised.

This is just conjecture but maybe the new shape impressed on the case is working the brass more than a conventional chamber would and maybe the brass is getting much more work hardened than normal? Maybe the lube is getting squished into the valleys giving a similar result to an improperly lubed case?

I have changed a lot of processes since submitting my original inquiry. I have and use Imperial Case Sizing Wax now but it does not help with my specific problem. In fact, the Dillon spray (lanolin/alcohol) is marginally better for this issue.

Thanks for the read and, as always, I sincerely appreciate your wisdom and feedback.


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Very interesting. Sounds like the H&K fluted chambers taken a step further and not in a good way for those who reload.

Any ideas as to why they would do this?

I don't recall hearing of 7.62 extraction issues.


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