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I got an email today that Extreme Bullets is lowering some bulk bullet pricing and it got me thinking... When will bullet pricing come back down to normal?

I am wondering that with the primer shortage do I need more bullets? And will most people back off buying bullets thus causing the pricing to come back down?

I, like a lot of you, tend to hoard reloading supplies but right now I have enough 9, 40, 45, and .223 to get me through 2021... but again, I am always looking to not run out

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The USAG banning ammunition is a possibility. Tough to ban components. Buy in bulk. Hold until you need them. I buy 16-20,000 bullets at a time.

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IMO - Bullets are an investment...I look back at what I paid for bullets 12-18 months ago and wished now I had purchased more...Being a one income family and helping family with food for their tables due to COVID I am not able to buy a lot but when I am able to save enough to purchase 1k-2k from X-Treme, I put my order in....

I truly believe bullets will be available but the prices may reflect a “wish I would have bought more back then” hind sight scenario with the unknowns that are forthcoming...Again just my opinion but in 30+ years of reloading I have yet to see bullets values go down.....

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Originally posted by sigarmsp226:
IMO - Bullets are an investment.

Bullets are in investment it you intend to sell them later at a profit.

Bullets are just an outlay of cash if you intend to shoot them at some point of time.
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Fritz - Good point Sir - My comment was based on the thought that buying now vs. later would save me from paying more later but you are correct - Only an investment if one intends to flip for a profit...Sorry for my mis-use of words...Was not intentional...Mark
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We each have different investment strategy's. You can "invest" to earn money by growth of a company or such in the future. You can even buy things such as government bonds with the idea of earning interest to get ahead of or staying even with inflation. Or, among other ideas, buy now when something is available or cheap to offset future price rises. Think ammo a couple of years ago.

Back to the idea that the old fashioned savings accounts are paying under 1% interest during a time when inflation exceeds that. Government I bonds used to pay a great rate. Probably not these days on current purchases. If you eventually shoot it up, it pays nothing. Hint: don't shoot factory ammo, only reloads. I can't find factory ammo anyplace I've looked. But then I haven't been to a gun store this year, meaning I haven't looked.

When you get old (like I am) you tend to hoard or stock pile things I like. Like good bourbon (A H Hirsch, Pappy, etc.) And I haven't even had any for over a year. I remember my dad had boxes of 12 ga ammo in his closet. But some of the stuff was paper hulled probably dating to the 1950s. Yeah, when he passed in 1980, I inherited it. I keep old ammo, stockpile it if you will. Its a family trait. I worry my sons burn it up needlessly.

I failed this Christmas. When asked what I wanted for Christmas, I didn't say ammo. Foolish.

But bullets, primers and powder are just ammo in waiting. Maybe we can cast boolits, but they're not as good as jacketed. Someplace I've got some powder, maybe too much. I'm too stupid to make my own cases or primers. Or even powder for that matter. So we're totally dependent on commercial manufacturers. If the price is high, what makes you think they'll get lower.

We've gone through a scare this year. Why ban guns if they can just ban ammo? Or make it so hard to get its effectively not on the market? We can guess that if bullets aren't around today, they'll be in short supply for a long time to come. Short supply relates to higher prices. For a long time to come.

Maybe giving away too much information, I was 50 in Y2K. So I told the owner of the business I was taking a few hours and I'd be back. I only tell that because on my little trip, I bought a gun.. Big Grin They'd only sell me 2 boxes of ammo. Frown On a trip to Utah, I managed to buy 2 more boxes of virgin brass. But even back then and since I can't find premium bullets in .30 caliber. Maybe the bullet shortage has been ongoing.

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Originally posted by sigarmsp226:
I look back at what I paid for bullets 12-18 months ago and wished now I had purchased more...

I agree! oh wait, you said months? i thought you said years. Never mind :-)
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