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4 years ago I sadly packed all my gear up as we moved to a farm to start a new business and between that and no space didn't have anywhere to reload.

Just finished a 12x32 man shed and 12x12 of it will be framed out and conditioned for reloading in comfort. Will surely beat the unconditioned attic space I used to reload in.

I have (1) NRMA style bench. It is nothing fancy but it is stout. I've picked up a second RL550B a couple of years back so that plan is to build a second bench. One will be dedicated to small primers and one to large primers.

So far, I'm thinking of building the room 12x10 and using the extra 2 feet (which would be outside the conditioned area) as a cleaning/tumbling/ annealing area to keep dust and noise out of the main room.

That gives me a 6' bench on each side wall. Thinking of building a 4' wide workbench across the back of the space. That would leave me with 2' of storage shelves before the benches and some room on the wall I'm building to create the room.

Not super married to any layout so far as long as it stays in the overall space of 12x12.

Does this sound good? Are there things you guys wish you'd incorporated when you put your area together? No TV or radio. I'm too easily distracted and if a rocking song came on I'd soon be at my virtual drum set with the band instead of minding my p's and q's on the presses. There will be a computer in the room in case one of you guys posts a fantastic new load on the forum.

Thanks for any suggestions or tips, Mark
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my only comment, if i understand this correctly, a 12 x 2 space (cleaning, tumbling, etc.) is not a very workable space
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The tumbler is going to give you a headache to work it while you do other work.
I do my tumbling in the garage at night,let it run all night,will not hurt the brass and I don't have to hear it.
I actually have to tumblers running sometimes.
When I load I like piece and guite
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I added an Inline Fabrications flush mount on my bench and bought extra plates for all my, powder throw, trimmer, a different press....and my vise on another plate....

my Dillon 650 is on a craftsman workmate bench...i can pick it up and carry it inside from teh garage adn enjoy the heat or a/c if I'm running a buncha 40cal ammo

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Thanks guys.

NA: I will get that type of stuff out and set it on a piece of plywood and see what I need, thanks

45: I tumble when I'm not there as well. I still want to keep as much dust out as possible.

Mike: Following the other thread had me drooling over that mount. I see many uses, some outside the reloading realm. One goal is to keep the small and large primer areas completely segregated. Once I had to leave the room for a few minutes. Came back and loaded more primers. After I picked up several small primers I figured out what was going on. I now have a color coded system to plainly ID large vs small. I haven't tried to squish a large primer into a small hole yet but there's always tomorrow.
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