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Hey guys, any suggestions on who buys .223/5.56 and 9mm brass? My dad has a ton of it but we don't know who is buying, or what's the best way to sell it all. Thanks!

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What is the source?

Put an ad in the classifieds and it may sell depending on known source, headstamp, etc.
Last brass I bought from the classifieds came shipped in a large USPS bubble wrap envelope. It traveled just fine like that.

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I reload and buy it all the time because I'm too lazy to pick up and process brass. I only buy polished brass but you may not want to go to the trouble. Place an add somewhere, like here, and set a shipped price. Use USPS flat rate boxes.
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I buy brass from individuals in the classifieds as well. In most cases, it's in minimum of 1,000 pcs up to a large flat rate box full. I like to have my brass unprocessed because I want to have full control over how it's processed.

If priced right, it will sell.
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If you really have a ton of it
And want to move it in bulk
Check with the local scrap yard

We have a lot of police departments shooting at the club I belong to and a lot of the pickers are taking it to the scrap yards

The club made some good dollars a few years ago when they took in a 55 gal barrel filled with 50 cal shells after a long training week...

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I would be interested in your brass. I use both 9mm and 5.56 brass.
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Hint - don't sell it on GunBroker. With fees and the ridiculously low selling prices, you would make more $$ taking it to scrap buyer.

How much of each caliber do you really have? Clean weight, not with range trash, rocks, etc.

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