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Originally posted by agony:
Yeah I sent a pic of one of their plated 124gr bullets which measures exactly 0.355"

Well, fuck.

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I have two boxes of their 124 jacketed which I bought during the Black Friday special weekend. Haven't opened them yet, but will check them when I get home tomorrow afternoon.

A few weeks ago I finished loading and shooting my 1st box of them. They seemed okay, but I didn't mic them. I use a Hornady L-N- L AP, with their bullet feed die, which seems fairly sensitive to varying diameters. In my last run I used the last of the 1st box of jacketed bullets, then continued running with their 124 plated. Didn't have to adjust the bullet feed, so assume they were the same diameter. But, that was an earlier purchased box, so likely not the same lot as the other two I have.

Also, I use a Lee crimp die in the last station, so that may have compensated for smaller diameter, if it existed. They passed my informal push test when I checked the neck tension.

Thanks for the heads up.
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