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I know this thread will get more eyeballs in the Rifle Section or in the abused Lounge but started here as reloaders are much more in tune with ballistics and fine detail. Smile
That being said I am always intrigued with new boutique cartridges.
Seems this is a 6.8 SPC with 224 bullet.
Compare that with a 270 with the 6.8 SPCII.
I guess the conclusions are that the only difference is the lighter bullet compared to the 6.8 SPCII offerings.

So my question is:
* Anybody use tried this?
* How is this different from a light 270 bullet or similar weight?
* What is it's best use? Target? Hunting?
* Performance?

The reason I ask is I already load and shoot the 6.8SPCII so adding this is not a big stretch.
So what if anything would I gain?
Also I assume this is more a gas gun scenario than a bolt action ~ but I could be4 wrong? Frown
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I’ve been a novice reloader for a couple years and am trying to get in to this cartridge myself. I offer you the following link:

Don’t have a 6.8 so I can’t really offer you a comparison. I’ve got some loaded up ready to try but my local range is under renovation. I went for the Hornady 75 gr ELD. Alas I don’t have access to a 1k yard range so the benefits over .223/5.56 probably won’t be all that great but the rifle was effectively given to me.

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I got one. Built an AR platform. I was looking for a longs range rifle for fun. Wasn’t interested in the 6.5C as everyone has one. WhT intrigued me was a little .22 caliber bullet going really far and hitting stuff.

I haven’t even shot it yet. Waiting for better weather so I can sit and really work on it at the bench w/o being hurried. Bought 6 boxes of the Federal AE fmj 75 grain plinking ammo to break in the barrel and for the brass. I have read that this stuff isn’t too bad accuracy wise as well.

I have a couple different powders and 95 grain Sierra SMK’s to load up. I have. 1:6.5 twist barrel so it should work.

Go to the 224 Valkyrie forum and Johnny’s reloading bench on YouTube for some good info on it.
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