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Geaux Tigers
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Just curious on your thoughts and I was wondering if there is any interest in a possible group buy here on the forum?? I have the chance to get dealer pricing but 4 units need to be bought on the first order.. Email is in my profile if interested..


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Steel banging
beer snob
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I looked into target cams a while back. The one I was looking at seemed to have lots of issues with actual delivery. I'm not sure I look at at the one your talking about here. Would need to see some feedback on these. Would possibly be interested.

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I have been using the TargetVision product for a couple of years. The customer service has been great. The App could use an update. The product is solid.

This has been a dramatic improvement over an optical scope for my needs (6.5 mm at 600 yds).
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I had a TargetCam. It never worked right even after a trip back to the manufacturer. Lots of promises, delays and poor results.
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I have used a remote camera for that task before. I originally bought it for use on my RC aircraft but it's been handy for other stuff too.

This is it in the center connected to the 9v battery. It TX both audio and video the RX is on the left and has to be powdered by 12v DC. I used a broken kids DVD player to view.

This is it with another project.
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