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They are sending me a replacement hopper for my 25 year old Little Dandy powder measure. Mine has been cracked, but usable for quite a while. I wrote and asked if I could buy a new one, and they are simply sending one, no charge.

It is my favorite powder measure for pistol rounds. Quick and easy to use. If I was a bullseye shooter, maybe I'd use something else, but maybe not.

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You just have to learn to take better care of things Wink
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I have their Uniflow powder measure, and have for about 25 years now. It is good equipment. I use it for all loading I do single stage. Nice to know they stand behind it so well.
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My kid sabotaged my powder thrower the other day by loosening the vise I had it set up in...

I no more than walked by the thing and BOOM, broken shards of plastic everywhere.

I called RCBS for a replacement part, explained what happened and they refused to allow me to pay for the hopper.

A week later, new one!!

I told the guy on the phone I inherited this powder throw and hadn't even paid for it so it can't be under warranty. Dude said not to worry. Very happy with RCBS.

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