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Nullus Anxietas
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Originally posted by rduckwor:
Try the tray from commercial ammo packaging.

Hmmm... Excellent idea. I think I should have some of those around.

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I have made several loading blocks from scrap lumber in my shop. You can do it with a hand drill but a drillpress is easier. That way you can custom make the individual holes to the depth you want. Best regards, Rod

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This has worked well for me. Powder pan and funnel.

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The problem is the funnel is too deep to contact the rim of the cartridge when the cartridge is set in the tray. Because of this about 1/25 - 1/3 of the powder does not make it into the case.

Any ideas?

I bought a cheap Lee funnel and trimmed the spout with a razor saw so it fits my 9mm cases when they are in the loading tray.
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