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I just decided to start reloading 10mm. I am an experienced reloader but I like things simple so I try to stick with Unique for most everything, pistol and shotgun. My plan is 180 grain JFP bullets over a mid range load of unique from the reloader's manual. Is anyone here using Unique to load 10mm and what is your experience with it? I'm willing to try other powders but want to stay with Unique if I can.

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I have never used Unique, but, like you, try to stick to a limited selection of powders. I had on hand a good supply of WST, from reloading .45, so I worked up a load with that for 10mm. Using a Precision Delta FMJ 200gr bullet, 5.1gr of WST results in 916 fps on a Doppler chrono. This is about 183 power factor, and is a great shooter in the SIG P220-10mm.
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I'm not what you might call and "experienced" reloader, at least compared to some on this forum, and I don't reload 10 mm but I've used Unique in quite a few different calibers and have found an acceptable Unique load in each. Unless you're looking for some kind of exotic high-grade accuracy from the mid-range load I expect you'll get good results.

IMHO Unique is an extremely versatile powder.

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Unique, like anyof the medium burners, will be fine in 10mm. Just don't expect top end loads with it. For that you need slower powders like PP, BE86, AA#7 & 9, Longshot, BlueDot & ug, 800X.

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