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Sunday last, I went out to the garage to load up some .45LC plinking rounds. My bench is kind of a mess and I couldn't find the spacer bar that's used with the small powder charge bar on my old RL450. So I tried to use the large bar instead, and in the process of trying to screw down the bolt to get the smallest charge size possible, I snapped the head off the bolt. Great, now I'm dead in the water. The spacer for the small bar is MIA, and the large bar is KIA.

So I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching Dillon's web site for a replacement, with no luck. So I got on a web site chat with them this morning, explained what happened and asked if they still have a replacement. They do, and the guy/gal is sending it to me at no charge, even though it was my impatience and stupidity that broke the original one. Thanks, Dillon! Oh yeah - I went out there last night to check something else, and what did I see laying on the bench, right where it should be? That's right...
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Dillon has always treated me right on any problems I have had or parts needed. Dillon Rocks!

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I have a RT1200 trimmer for my 650. When changing over tool heads last week, I set it too close the the edge of my bench, and being top-heavy, it promptly tumbled onto the floor and crushed the quick release electrical plug.

I called Dillon and they said send it to us and gave me an RMA number. I included a note with my phone number to pay for the repair because it was my fault. I mailed it out this past Friday afternoon and and got a Fed-Ex tracking number today in my email showing delivery for Saturday. I cannot say that I have had service like that in a long time. Thank-you Dillon

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I bought a used 650 off an online auction site probably 20 years ago. I was having trouble with it and wanted to send it back for reconditioning-like $87.00 plus shipping. I got it back 10 days later with a whole bunch of new parts and it cost me nothing. Just the shipping their way. Great people to deal with.
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Yep. They have a super warranty and really mean it.


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