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Originally posted by David Lee:
Originally posted by ensigmatic:
I appreciate the massive 4x4, 2x4, and 2x6 suggestions, but I'm actually going to a fair bit of trouble to remodel the aforementioned room to look good. So, while I'm not interested in form without function, neither am I interested in an ungainly-looking beast of a bench suitable for hammering-out car fenders Wink

Some time ago, in another reloading bench thread, a member posted that he used an Xtreme Garage® 92" W x 22" D Adjustable Metal Workbench Frame from Menard's

with two pieces of 3/4" plywood laminated atop one another. He apparently found that sufficiently sturdy. I might be inclined to go that way, except a height of 32 inches is insufficient.

The way to optimize bench height for standing is to stand straight up, put your hands just in front of you with your arms more-or-less straight down, palms flat, and measure the distance to the floor. For me that comes out to just shy of 36 inches.

The adjustable-height bench I'm looking at has a 300 lb. weight limit, btw.
IM estimation 22" width by 92" length is too narrow. On a free standing bench, nope.

I build a similar frame out of 2" angle, used 1x3 tube for legs,
mounted a solid core 3'0 door as a top,

also had 4 drawers out of a file safe, and welded a support for them on it,

works like a charm,

painted the drawers and frame Dillon blue, and left the table top natural,

it's actually a bit too deep, but give me plenty of room for a tool chest and storage on the far side,

currently has a Dillon 550, SDB and a Forster Co-Ax on it
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