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I want to powder coat my cast bullets.
What is the best brand of Powder Coating as far as quality and ease of application.
I would prefer to only have to apply one coat.
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I use harbor freight yellow and red.Cheap and one cote and done.
You can spend twice H F price but why!
I also use a fifty dollar wal mart convection oven out in barn and their electrast sprayer from H F
You need air from a compressor and 30 psi with 20 min at 400 deg.
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Harbor Freight red is no more.

I have a couple colors from Powder by the Pound. Super Durable Wet Black is one and RAL 5012 Ford Light Blue.

I'm faaaar from an expert, but they both worked well for me. Others less so, but I knew they were bad choices before I bought them. lol

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Harbor freight powder doesn’t even compare. Someone here donated me some Ford blue and red and both immediately cling to the bullet and didn’t take 30 minutes of tumbling to get it to stick. Very good coverage, smooth finish.

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