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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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In the attempt to get my life back into some form of normalcy...I sat down last Tuesday to do a little reloading to channel my thoughts towards something other than events of the last month. I quickly realized that I was down to my last 100 or so 200 grain .45 cast bullets...

Not wanting to break out the casting stuff (I'm still not set up to powder coat so I decided to hold off casting until I'm ready to do this)...I placed another order for 2000 .45 RNFP bullets from Donny Summers...I was very satisfied with his product from the last order made last year...prices and shipping were the same...

$134.00 for 2000 .452 200 grain RNFP shipped to my door...

Order was placed Tuesday...I received an email Wednesday that the bullets were shipped and the order arrived Friday afternoon at my door Big Grin

The quality of his product is excellent (remember, they are hard cast bullets and might be harder than some like, but I have had no issues with them at all...very clean with no leading in my cowboy guns) and his prices shipped can't be beat (at least from what I've seen)...

Now I have to get back to the Dillon Smile


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Good for you glad you are back with us.
Hobbies do help,took me months to quit moping around the house.
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Hope reloading helps to stay focused on yourself.
Have placed (so far) two orders from Donny and they worked out great.

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I ordered 850 of the 135gr 9mm (.357). Between load development and work, it's taken me a couple of weeks to get a chance to put a substantial number down the tube. I've loaded cast bullets for revolvers before, but never for semi-auto, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I'm loading them over HS-6, and it seems to be really clean burning (for lead) and my chronograph says it's pretty consistent. There's a bit more smoke than the plated bullets I'm used to, but it's not bad at all (nothing like the time I loaded some cast .38s over titegroup!), especially since I do most of my shooting outdoors.

I put close to 300 rounds though my EMP today, and was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy. When I broke it down to clean, there was no leading to speak of in the bore, and the gun didn't take any more work to clean than after shooting plated bullets. At under $0.05 a bullet, it's hard to justify shooting anything else. I'm going to go ahead and place an order for a few thousand of these.
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I also have loaded a lot of different bullets for revolvers but the only cast bullets I have loaded for semi autos were 230 grain RN lead for 45 ACP. I used bullets from various casters and my results have all been good . The RN lead has performed just as well as the FMJ hardball.

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