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I have been using AA#7 7.7 gr. RMR 124 GR rn bullet .500 cci. and the round has been great, but a little on the hot side. I also run it in the mp5.

I normally just shoot paper or steel dueling tree. in the local BLM forest.

I have read about WSF powders and sounds like quite a few people like them, I'm not stuck on that one powder but would like to find that perfect load without buying 10 different kinds.

It would be ideal if I also can run it in the mp5 it is just a sbr with a 10 inch barrel.

Should I just stick with the #7 or venture out? wish you could just buy sampler packs. Smile
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I'm a WSF user and don't know if I would change. The new Sport Pistol powder is becoming very popular but I have not tried it yet. I still have plenty of WSF to last for many years.


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Well AA#7 is slower than WSF so going to WSF would be upping pressures if you want to stay in the same vel window. Having said that, I do like WSF in 9mm mid to max + loads.

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I started a thread a couple years ago asking for a powder suggestion for +P'ish or defensive pressure loads. I took fredj338's advice and tried WSF. As he stated above works great mid to max loads. I'm up against 1200fps in a G19/Precision Delta 124 JHP, same load shoots great in my MP5. My MP5 runs like a top with warmer loads. Also shoot a slower "gamer" load in my STI 2011 at 1050fps for comps, very accurate. Shot several thousands rounds of WSF, works great for me.
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I am shooting 147 gr cast over 3.4 gr of VV 320, at OAL of 1.130. Shoots 900 fps, feels soft, cycles reliably in my Sigs ( all of em ), pretty clean.

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3.9gr WSF under a 147gr Precision Delta FMJRN bullet gives me 903fps (133 PF). COL is 1.150". WSP primers. I have shot this load for years in several pistols, including a Colt Govt. 9mm, P226, P228, P320, and P938 (velocity is a bit lower in the 938). Though I've never used suppressors, this would be a good load for a suppressed gun as it is subsonic.
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