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I have the plastic roller and strong mount and love it. The aluminum came out after I got mine.

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Originally posted by Peanut71:
Has anyone ever used one of these handles to convert the ball handle.

Already owning the aluminum handle, which spins, I wouldn't add this as I don't see the advantage ball bearings would give you over the spinning aluminum. If I didn't already have the aluminum roller, I would consider it, as it is cheaper than the complete aluminum handle from Dillon.

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mark me down as a solid yes on the roller handle.

that is a cool looking roller handle upgrade. i am gonna bookmark it and put it on my wife's "what vonfatman want's for Christmas list" ;-)

it's kind of like dillon's primer tube reloaders. it'd be nice, but something i probably would not buy for myself...hence, the list.


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Hard yes on the roller!

David W.

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I know you were waiting on my reply before making your purchase...Roller all the way... Big Grin
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Dillon's Aluminum Roller Handle. Worth the price and only way to roll IMO.
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I received an InLine Fabrication ergonomic roller handle for the 650 and it is awesome. If you stand to reload, the handle doesn’t go down so far. It goes back over the bench more of course when seating the primer but it’s better for me this way.

~42” high bench with the InLine Fabrication raised mount.

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Dillon roller handle vs ball

It's a personal thing, you gotta decide what works for you, not what works for me.

I went back to the ball handle on the 650. No roller handle. The plain black ball works best for me.
It doesn't matter to me what works best for the rest of you, but I hope you find whatever does work best.

Also, I've had the strong mount for years but I'm thinking of removing that also.
I need to modify the bench first, that's one of the hidden flaws of the 650.
If your bench top is more than a couple inches thick, the nut and shaft of the
operating handle hit the benchtop so you don't get a full stroke.
Thus, the strong mount. It raises the unit up high enough to clear the benchtop.
For my own personal use, cutting a notch in the bench and mounting the press lower
is the better setup for me (along with the black ball handle).
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I have the ball on my RCBS and thought that I was used to it so I will save the money and stick with the ball on my new 650. First ammo can of 45 I cranked out, I ended up picking up a roller handle and was just as happy with it as I was after spending 20 plus years on a single stage press switching over to a Dillon. Your hands will thank you, especially as you get older

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I keep the stock ball on my SD. Works better with the Inline modular system since I keep a SD in each primer size.

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