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I have a XL-650 set up for .45ACP, since that all I reload for. I know that the
Green,Yellow,Red and presses are out there. I just happen to like Blue. Not attempting to start a war on which press is better, since each press fits it owner.

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Is there a question in there somewhere? Razz

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The Constable
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I have a pair of 550's set up for LG and small primers, saves time.

And a 1050 set up solely for 9mm.

I look back to all the time I once spent turning out pistol ammo on a single stage...What a waste of time.

It's nice recreation, I enjoyed doing it, but NOW my time is more precious...I like saving time.
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I've wanted a Dillon(s)forever. Never have bought one. Wanted so bad to get the SL 900 for shotshells when I was shooting a lot of trap. Settled for the RCBS Grand. For about half the price. It did the job but probably not as good.

You will likely find no one on this board with much in the way of Dillon hate.

FN in MT. I have envy for your set up.

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