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Well, I wasn't able to talk my wife out of the room I wanted, so now I'm still stuck using half of my office as my reloading area. Therefore, it didn't make much sense to do a built-in bench. I ended up buying a Harbor Freight bench. It had been recommended by some other reloaders.

It's 34", so if I want to stand I'll need to raise it up or use a press mount. I'll see after I get it all set up.

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My bench is 36.5" talll and I have the press on an 8" stand. Most of the time I sit on a hi bar stool but am starting to stand more. As noted earlier, the handle hits my leg on the pull.

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All 4 of mine are 36" high and I use them with 24" kitchen stools, or standing up. For the latter, another 2" would be better...BTW, I'm 6'-0" tall, with a 33" inseam, both of which affect the comfortability of the working bench. HTH's Rod

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I sit an an old computer desk in an office chair. I'm at the age that I much prefer to be comfortable. I load for accuracy with a single stage Forster press for all rifle and even pistol rounds, so it takes more time and I prefer to sit and take my time. Reloading for me is relaxing and standing it would be more of a chore. I also sit for reloading shotgun shells.
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My loading / cleaning bench is made from "Cabinet" pieces from Home Depot. Ask if they have any "Scratch and dent" pieces. I got a "sink" section and two 16" sections. I then got an 8' section of cabinet top to tie it all together. I left a section near the end where I can pull up a bar stool to clean/work on guns.

This is an old picture.

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I reload standing
The bench top is at 44 inches
The press is mounted to the bench top (no mounts)

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reload standing, standard table height

guessing 36" (will need to measure to be sure)

strong mount on the dillon 550, home made strong mount on the CoAx,

my SQB is mounted with out a strong mount, so i sit on a stool to use it,

need to make a mount for it
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Just finished building mine this week. To the top I have 43.5". It works well from either my stool or standing. I added the strong mount to avoid the handle dropping to far while sitting on my stool. Overall I'm pleased although I'll need a ladder to access the case feeder if I ever get one.

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My bench is 34 inches high which is perfect for me.

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